The Heat is On For Some A/C Systems! Plus Updates on #projectvarmit!

Happy Friday!  We've survived the recent heat wave that almost melted the Midwest!  Despite the heat, we've been working hard in the shop to keep your vehicles on the road for summer!  Let's take a look at some cars that have been in the shop this week!

This dark silver metallic 2003 Mini Cooper S came in for diagnosis of the A/C system blowing warm.  She got a new A/C condenser.  She was also in need of diagnostics for power door locks working intermittently.

A post-purchase inspection brought this sweet Melbourne rot metallic 2008 BMW M3 cabrio in to the shop.  She's clocked just 13,000 miles. In addition to the post-purchase inspection, she received her annual service, a brake fluid service, and a coolant service.  

The same owner also has this 2004 BMW 330ci in for similar service, in addition to an alignment and a new cabin air filter.  This orient blau metallic bimmer boasts just 17,000 miles on the clock.

An annual service and diagnosis of ABS brake and 4×4 warning lights were on the list for this highland grun metallic 2007 BMW X3.

This stahl grau metallic beauty, a 2000 BMW Z3 with 5-speed manual transmission, came in for her annual service, along with diagnosis of the A/C system blowing warm. With the temperatures and humidity we've had recently, nobody's got time for even more warm air, right?!

Remember this fjord blau metallic 1972 BMW 3.0csi? She had her fuel injectors replaced.  (See more here.)

We'll wrap up today's post with an update on Reggie's e30 track car, aka, #projectvarmit.  When I was at the shop this week, Reggie hadn't planned to install the S52 quite yet. However, it happened and it was very exciting! This powerhouse of an engine has 51,000 miles and has had the following completed: all engine gaskets/seals replaced, new pulleys and belts, Stewart water pump, new thermostat, reinforced subframe with AKG Motorsport kits installed with 24v swap mounts. Keep up on more of the day to day progress on our Facebook page! Did you see our post on removing her old engine? Check it out here!

It's so exciting to see this bimmer coming together so quickly! Stay tuned for more as her late August deadline approaches!

Thanks for joining us!  Have a fantastic weekend!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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