The Perfect Winter Car

The official first day of winter may not be until December 21st, but, let’s face it…winter is here!   And with winter comes snow and ice.  Fortunately, BMW made a car that is notorious for its handling in the winter elements: the BMW 325ix.  We had an ’89 in the shop this week.  In fact, this very bimmer was the one that Reggie fixed up and sold almost exactly 2 years ago!  Yes, the 325ix is a fairly rare and intricate bimmer, but Reggie knows them quite well.
Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes

Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes

The owner noticed a pulling feeling and some vibrations, and brought it in for Reggie to inspect.  There are some irregularities on the inner shoulder of the tire, which are A. causing the car to ride/handle poorly, and B. communicating that it is time for new rubber!  The tires will be replaced with new ones from the Tire Rack.  Don’t forget, we’re a Tire Rack dealer.  We can have tires delivered here next-day, in most cases, and have them mounted and balanced right here in our shop.

A look at the current tires:

Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes

He tightened up an exhaust leak.  He also changed the brake fluid and did some other routine maintenance to keep it on the road.

Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes

If you are lucky enough to find one of these amazing all-wheel drive bimmers, you just might want to pick it up!

Have a great weekend!

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