The Vintage 2015

Happy Friday!  Wait, it’s Friday already?!  With traveling and the holiday weekend, the rest of this week has flown by!  If you’re in the area, we’ll be hosting a Cruise-In this evening at the shop!  We kick things off at 6pm!  We hope you can join us!
We had an awesome trip to Winston Salem, NC!  Year after year, we have so much fun and always look forward to the next one!  I have quite a few photos to share, so let’s get right to them!  If you’d like to see the full gallery of images, please feel free to click here.   I know when I start my day with my camera surrounded by unique and historic architecture, bricks, and foliage, that it’s going to be an awesome day!

2015-05-29_0001 2015-05-29_0002 2015-05-29_0003

Philipp drove the van on its longest road trip to date!  We had a spot in the swap meet offering a wide variety of vintage bimmer parts!  A huge thank you to Philipp for all of his hard work during this trip!  He had a smile on his face the entire time, and just loved the experience of seeing so many awesome cars and even more awesome people at this event! In addition, we’d like to thank Nick H., John, and James for keeping the shop hopping while we were away!  We couldn’t ask for a better team of people!

2015-05-29_0004 2015-05-29_0005 2015-05-29_0006 2015-05-29_0007 2015-05-29_0008

Old Salem is such a great backdrop for this vintage event!

2015-05-29_0009 2015-05-29_0010 2015-05-29_0011 2015-05-29_0012

Recognize this beauty?  Yes, the gorgeous 1600 that we had the honor of restoring and building joined us on the trip!  So many people just loved seeing her!  Thanks for caravanning with us and joining us on the trip, Kevin!!!

2015-05-29_0013 2015-05-29_0014 2015-05-29_0015

There is always an adorable dog to photograph!

2015-05-29_0016 2015-05-29_0017 2015-05-29_0018

And I can’t help but capture some of the rustic charm of the area too!

2015-05-29_0019 2015-05-29_0020 2015-05-29_0021 2015-05-29_0022 2015-05-29_0023 2015-05-29_0024 2015-05-29_0025 2015-05-29_0026 2015-05-29_0027 2015-05-29_0028 2015-05-29_0029 2015-05-29_0030 2015-05-29_0031 2015-05-29_0032 2015-05-29_0033

And it was so fun to see this 1991 BMW 325i coupe – another bimmer that we had the privilege of bringing back to life!   (Read more here, here, here, here, and here.  See her photoshoot here!)

2015-05-29_0034 2015-05-29_0035 2015-05-29_0036 2015-05-29_0037 2015-05-29_0038 2015-05-29_0039 2015-05-29_0040 2015-05-29_0041

This touring is always one of my favorites!  I love everything about it – color, the shape, the stunning detail…so much fun to photograph!

2015-05-29_0042 2015-05-29_0043

And this barn find is my favorite car each year!  I even told the owner!  We first saw her at The Vintage in 2011!

2015-05-29_0044 2015-05-29_0045 2015-05-29_0046 2015-05-29_0047 2015-05-29_0048 2015-05-29_0049

We also have the honor of working on this royal blue e30!  Hi Ben!!!

2015-05-29_0050 2015-05-29_0051 2015-05-29_0052 2015-05-29_0053 2015-05-29_0054

Here’s “Flo” again!  Thank you to Kevin for helping us load up the van after the swap meet ended!  We truly appreciated it!

2015-05-29_0055 2015-05-29_00562015-05-29_00582015-05-29_00592015-05-29_00602015-05-29_00612015-05-29_00622015-05-29_00632015-05-29_00642015-05-29_00652015-05-29_0066

If you’ve met Nick S. in our office or if you’ve spoken to him on the phone when calling in, you may have heard about his own bimmer, a 1989 BMW 735i with a 5-speed.





That’s a wrap on The Vintage 2015!  Awesome cars, fantastic weather, and cool people!  Let the countdown for The Vintage 2016 begin!


Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie Stewart

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