The Vintage 2017

This time last week, Reggie and I were enjoying our 8th annual road trip to The Vintage!  Like last year, the sold-out event took place in Hot Springs, NC, about an hour north of Asheville.  For the most part, the weather was fantastic!  What more can you ask for with cool people, over 500 vintage bimmers, blue skies, and sunshine? Not much, my friends, not much!  I have many photos to share, so please check out the entire gallery on our Facebook page!  Aside from the main event on Saturday, attendees went on self-guided drives to the BMW Foundation and throughout the area, and hung out to talk cars in the hotel parking lot.  Always a good time!  


Reggie took some cool drone footage throughout the day!  


Again, please check out our Facebook page for all of the photos!  Have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! 

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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