Time for Spring(s)! Lowering the Volvo 240SE!

We’re enjoying a sunny day here at Reggie’s Motorworks!  It looks like Spring might finally be here…for now!  We’ve had a busy week.  Let’s take a look at what Reggie’s been up to, shall we?
1. Replaced timing belt, water pump, and power steering belt on 1986 528e.  Also serviced the transmission and installed alternator bushings.  See below for more detail on the alternator bushings.

2. A 325 got new engine and transmission mounts, guibo, center support bearing, and rear transmission seal. The exhaust got new gaskets and a strap before being remounted.

3. Work on the ’91 Volvo 240SE – lowering springs, changing the wheels and adding new tires…goodbye, studded snow tires!

4. New project!  An e30 trailer!  Keep reading to see the photos!

Here’s the ’86 528e.  What a great car!

These alternator bushings were well beyond their prime!  Reggie used a razor blade to remove the old bushing’s remnants.

Reggie tests the flexibility of one of the old bushings.  These brand new ones were just what this 528e ordered!

Reggie has been waiting to work on the Volvo, namely to put on these bright new springs and to change out the studded snow tires.

By the looks of this photo, and to my untrained eye, it appears that the new red spring is the same size as the old one…well, that’s because the old one is still compressed!

Reggie attaches the spring compressors so that he can take off the upper strut mount:

Now you can see the difference…we’re excited to put the Volvo back on the road to test these bad boys!

We’ll be sure to post photos soon to show the Before & After results of the new springs!

And for Reggie’s latest project…an e30 trailer!  Reggie and Jordan sliced up this car last Friday afternoon, which they were both pretty excited about! Check out the photo gallery here!  We’ve tossed around a few different ideas for the function of this trailer:

1. Track Tire Hauler

2. A grill – perfect for our Open House and social events!

3. A float in a Bimmer parade.  Ok, I just made this one up, but wouldn’t that be cool?

Have a great weekend!

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