Volkswagens and Their Quirks

Top Issues Experience by Volkswagen Owners

Volkswagen owners love the quirkiness and reliability of their cars. The VW Bug and Passat have delighted drivers for decades. VW owners love to talk about their cars, and our technicians at Reggie’s Motorworks love to work on them. Volkswagens are normally great cars with a track record of reliability. However, all car makes and models have their unique issues. Volkswagens are not immune to problems. We have compiled a list of top issues that Volkswagen owners experience.


Volkswagens are designed with a small container for coolants. Because of this, they are prone to overheating. Prolonged overheating problems can severely damage the engine. At the first signs of overheating, it is vital to get your VW to the shop.

Suspension Clunking and Bouncing

Volkswagens are well put together, but many models have defective ball joints in the suspension system. The ball joints are there to absorb shock from the road. When they are damaged, you will feel every bump in the road. You may have problems steering or hear noises when you drive. Your vehicle shouldn’t feel like a roller coaster when you drive; it’s time to head to the shop.

Smokey Ride

When you are going down the road, if you notice smoke coming out of your exhaust, it is time to stop the car. Smoke coming out of the muffler has several causes. The main culprit is likely a damaged head gasket. It could also be a cracked engine block or a defective cylinder head. None of these are safe to drive around with, and if you start smelling smoke, find your nearest auto repair shop.

Brake Light Malfunction

A common VW complaint is problems with the brake lights. If the warning light keeps coming on and your brakes were recently repaired, it’s an issue with the ABS sensor. Many VW makes and models have a defective ABS sensor that comes on even if there is no issue with the braking system.

Water Leaks

If your VW has a sunroof, the drains around it might be faulty. A rainstorm will cause that water to start leaking into your car. These tubes/drains need replacing, or the leaks will become worse. No one wants their vehicle to become a swimming pool.

Weak Batteries

The batteries in Volkswagens often have issues holding a full charge. They lose their capacity to hold a charge sooner than many other vehicle makes. If you have consistent problems starting your car, it’s time to get the battery checked. VWs have many electrical components that drain the battery faster, and you might need an entire battery replacement.

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