Welcome to a new e30 BMW enthusiast in Indiana!!

I got a call late last week from a local teacher that just bought a “new” 1992 325ic, and wanted to know if I may be able to take a look at it.
“Of course I can!!”

I was delighted to find that this little cabrio is in really decent condition!  Sure it has a few issues that need straightening out, but all in all it is a very nice e30!

The first order of business was a bumper to bumper inspection, and since there was no maintenance history with the car, we decided to do a timing belt service, coolant flush, new hoses, water pump, front engine oil seals, V-belts, etc. We also replaced a voltage regulator that was causing the headlights to flicker going down the road (this seems to be common with the later “Valeo” alternators).

Here are some photos of the car and the work we performed, courtesy of my wonderful wife Stephanie (www.stewartimagery.com):)!

Don’t forget the new t-belt tensioner spring!!

A previous tech must have forgotten that fancy clip to hold the thermostat-water pump hose in place. This is very common, the hose sits slightly forward and is slowly worn away by the fan. Luckily we caught this one before it burst!!:

Out with the old:

Dirty parts awaiting the parts washer:

Ah, so nice to see a new timing belt, and everything CLEAN!

Don’t forget to come see us one week for tomorrow (Saturday, January 30th)  for our   CLEARANCE SALE!!

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