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Happy Friday!  It's the first Friday of March, which means that Spring is most certainly on its way!  At least, we hope so!  I stopped by the shop earlier this week to catch some of the action, because the RMW crew were gearing up to travel to Kansas City for Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo.  We believe in continuing education in order to provide excellent service to our clients.  Normal business hours will resume on Monday, March 5th.  Thank you for your patience during this important training experience!

Let's begin with the deep black pearl 2012 Audi Q7!  She's in for the 85,000 mile maintenance, as well as the addition of BG Fuel System Cleaner in the fuel tank.

A bi-annual service was on the list for the schwarz II 2004 BMW 330xi: 

Diagnosis of a check engine light brought the black sapphire metallic 2003 330i in to the shop.  Vacuum leaks were found, leading to replacement of the air intake boots.  In addition, other services included replacement of front lower control arms and bushings, an alignment, replacement of front brake pads, brake rotors, and brake pad wear sensor, as well as replacement of the oil filter housing gasket.

Testing and analysis of an engine warning light on this black sapphire metallic 2013 BMW X5 resulted in performing a software update to repair and correct erroneous faults.  The transmission mount was also replaced while in the shop. 

Next up, the south seas blue  2015 Mercedes GLA 250.  She came in for diagnosis of a crank/no start issue.  Water intrusion at the engine computer connectors was at fault.  Connectors and pins were replaced.  Service A was performed, as well as replacement of transmission fluid and filter, replacement of the spark plugs, replacement of the engine air filter and cabin air filter, and a brake fluid flush.

On order for the harvest moon beige 2004 VW Beetle was diagnostics of transmission shifting issues and performance of a bi-annual service. 

A bi-annual service for the black 2005 Mercedes E 320, check!

That's a wrap for this edition!  Thank you for joining us here on the blog!  Happy Weekend!!!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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