Where there’s smoke…

Happy Thursday!  That’s right, we’re blogging today instead of tomorrow.  We’ve been commissioned to inspect and possibly purchase an e30 convertible for a customer.  So we’ll be taking a road trip up north to Troy, Michigan to see if this Bimmer meets our customer’s needs. The weatherman is promising beautiful weather, so we’re looking forward to a nice drive before heading back for the Friday Night Cruise-In at Park Street Pub.  We’ll be ready for a game of cornhole!
This week, Reggie worked on a 2000 VW turbo Beetle.  It was in need of new front and rear brakes and rotors.  The charcoal canister was also replaced, as it had been previously damaged, most likely due to hitting some debris on the highway.

Reggie also wrapped up the Leatherique treatment on the 1992 325i cabrio (see also here and here) while finishing the installation of the M5 keyless entry and alarm system.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Reggie ‘paints’ some flux on the wires and solders them together.

Heat is applied to the heat shrink tubing.

This cabrio is inheriting the alarm system from the M5.

Reggie grinds off the ends of the bolts for a nice finish.

It’s our dear friend flux again!

He wanted to make sure the wiring was long enough, so if someone were to remove this piece, there would be some slack in the wiring.

The flux is applied to the wires before soldering them together.

And where there’s smoke…well, fortunately, there was no fire during the shooting of these photographs!

I guess you could count this as fire.  Reggie uses a lighter to melt the heat shrink tubing around the soldered wires.

Now this piece is ready to be installed.

Here is the finished installation.

This fiery cabrio now has a clean, renewed leather interior, thanks to Leatherique.

And thanks to the M5, this e30 has a keyless entry and alarm system.

And we hope to see you at our Friday Night Cruise-In!

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