Would you take a 1991 M5 over a 1969 ’02?

Well, here you go!

Okay, so it’s an M5 parts car literally “over” our little ’69 ’02. I just set them that way while we were moving things around, and couldn’t help but come up with a dumb joke:).

Well, this week was kind of “business as usual”. We didn’t have any huge highlights in any of our projects, but we did have the opportunity to work on some nice cars, and sell some parts!

The M5 is still running great, and has been posted for sale in e30tech.com in the classified section. I posted it there first because we sponsor that site, and wanted to give the e30 community the first shot at that drive train if someone were wanting to build a MONSTER project.

One of our great friends/customers (Jim) stopped by, and has an interest in putting that M5 running gear in an early  Datsun 240z! We feel that would be a great project, and have agreed to discuss it further in the coming weeks/months (if no one beats him to it!).

What do you think? I think this car would be fun with a 315 HP BMW engine in it, don’t you?(bootleg photo from Google images:))

Now the 240z is just one idea, and so far the engine is not sold so it could still be yours. If you have your own idea of what you want to do with an M5 engine……or want to commission us to inject some German muscle into your project car, just drop us a line.  Anything is possible…..as long as you’ve got a sturdy checkbook (just kidding, it could really be HUGE bang for your buck):).

We are also hoping to bid farewell to our current “shop truck” (the green one). We bought this old Volvo wagon last spring to use as a parts hauler. It served us well for a few months/10,000 miles, but has become too needy. Granted, it has 353K miles!! We also bought the ’83 turbo wagon next to it to grab some “optional equipment” for our wagon, but alas, there is only so much time in the day. The ’80 wagon would be a GREAT project for someone….but we already have a project.  All is not lost for us in the Volvo department though, as there is a trade pending! A Volvo enthusiast has an interest in these two wagons, and has offered to trade one 1991 240 wagon for the pair you see here. This should give us a dependable “plain jane” wagon, while he gets the more characteristic older wagons.

Well, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday (if we don’t get a chance to blog before then)!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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