3 Cheers for Titansilber!

Happy Friday!  We're back this week with more work happening in the shop!  Let's get rollin'!

A failed control module for the convertible top was replaced on this black sapphire metallic 2006 BMW 330Ci: 

A Mercedes Service B performance, tire rotation, replacement of the engine air filters and cabin air filters, replacement of the fuel filter, and replacement of a broken air mass sensor brought this sleek 2012 ML350 Bluetech back to road-ready condition!  

A failed starter was replaced on this bimmer, a platingrau metallic 2008 550i: 

Headlight repairs, replacement of a failed drive belt, replacement of cracked rear brake hoses, and a brake fluid flush were on the list for the titansilber 2006 BMW 530i: 

It's the week of titansilber bimmers here at the shop!  On the list for the 2008 BMW 535i was an annual service, along with the BMW 30,000 mile vehicle check.  In the same photo below, another titansilber bimmer! This 2007 X3 came in for transmission repairs and replacement of transfer case fluid. 



We'll wrap up today's post with one more titansilber BMW!  She's a 2010 335xi.  She came in for a bi-annual service, the BMW 30,000 mile vehicle check, and for replacement of a damaged valve cover. 

Thanks for joining us for a short and sweet lap around the shop!  Wishing you a fantastic weekend!  Happy (early) Halloween! 

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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