A Look at Deutsche Marques at the Gilmore Museum! Plus Drone Footage of The Vintage 2018!

Happy Friday!  It's Stephanie here, thank you so much for joining us on the blog this week!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!  We have had some incredible weather lately!  Reggie, the boys, and I have tried to soak up as much time in the sun and great outdoors as possible, with a second canoe trip on the White River this past weekend!  We leisurely paddled downstream, seeing a few painted turtles, some various water birds, and lots of dragonflies!  Not long after we arrived at home, a downpour ensued, making for a relaxing late afternoon of holding down the couch!  Enough of my rambling, my point is that we've been lucky enough to make the most of these Indiana summer days!  We even had great weather while traveling to Michigan for the 7th Annual Deutsche Marques show, featuring German automobiles.  This event is hosted at the Gilmore Car Museum near Kalamazoo, and it sounds like it continues to grow each year!  There were well over 300 cars in attendance, with 120 BMWs and 86 Porsches!  (I didn't hear the numbers for Mercedes and the other marques.) There are several buildings on the grounds of the museum, and we didn't even get to see them all!  As you scroll through the photos below, you'll see the building that the boys loved! 

We trailered the 1968 BMW 2002 and ended up winning best 1960s BMW!  Remington was so excited when he realized our bimmer had won an award!  I didn't take very many photos at this event since we had the boys with us, however, we do hope to go back next year!  Thank you to Mark Z. for inviting us and for all of the great information about what to do in the area!  (It's blueberry season in Michigan!  They have beautiful sand beaches, trails, museums and more to explore!  We will have to partake in more of the local stuff next time…the boys voted on time at the pool at our hotel! Ha!) It was great to see so many of our fellow Hoosier BMW friends there as well!  Many of us enjoyed a delicious dinner on Saturday evening after the show!  And now for a few photos!


There were so many cool old toys to see!  Remington and Emerson (below) would have loved to test drive each and every one!

Roland's lovely M6 won best 1980s BMW!  Congrats, Roland!!!


We're excited to share Reggie's drone footage from The Vintage!  We hope you enjoy it!  Please be sure to subscribe to Reggie's Motorworks on YouTube for more videos!

Until next time here on the blog!  Have a great weekend!  

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