Finishing up a long holiday break, then back to the REAL world!!

Well, for those of you who don’t know, Steph and I have been in Florida for the last 18 days enjoying some time with my Mother.

We got to do some restoration/modification work, but nothing to do with BMW’s or even cars.

For one, I was able to get a 1969 (As Steph pointed out….it’s the same year as our ’02!) Johnson 4hp boat engine back up and running after a long siesta. It basically needed some fresh fuel and some lubrication. It was nice for a couple of slow tours out in the bay. Here are some quick camera phone shots of our private sunset tour in the “Dragon Lady” (the boat came with that name:)).

We also were able (mainly Stephanie) to do some creative painting on a new/old dining room set for my Mom. Here are some shots of our chairs, on our last full day in Florida:

We also take a “Fast Cat” boat from Ft. Myers Beach to Key West every year to see one of Stephanie’s Uncles. Here is a shot of her taking photos of the sunset before our return trip:

Now, if our plane can even land in snowy Indianapolis, we will be back in the shop playing with old cars! We know we’ve got some customer cars patiently awaiting some love, and it’ll be good to get back under the hood of a German car.

Take car, and Happy Motoring!

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