Rarity: The 850CSi

Happy Friday!  What a lovely autumn season we've been having lately here in Noblesville!  Sunshine, warm temperatures, and colorful leaves!  Here's hoping that this wonderful season sticks around for a while before we get into winter!  Enough about the weather, let's talk about cars!

First up, the infamous e30 track car was in need of new brakes, new brake lines, and a track inspection before handling this weekend's event at Putnam Park Road Course!

A bi-annual service was on the list for this titansilber 2005 BMW 645Ci: 

In for diagnosis of runability issues is this sharp monaco blau metallic 3-series, a 2007 BMW 335xi: 

Don't you love the color of this M3?  She's an estoril blau metallic beauty, a 1998 BMW M3, and she's here for a pre-purchase inspection. 


Diagnosis of poor running issues brought this Mini Cooper S in to the shop: 


If you follow our Reggie's Motorworks Facebook page, you may have seen some this rare bimmer, a 1994 BMW 850CSi.  She's V12-powered, and is 1 of 1,510 ever made.  What a treat to have her in the shop!  I know a few people who would absolutely love to have this fine automobile!  She was in for diagnosis of crank/no-start issues and to replace a fuel pump.


Annual service, 30,000 mile vehicle check, intake induction system service, oil leak repair, differential leak repair, and diagnosis of inoperable seat heater were on the list for this cool blue water metallic 2009 BMW X3: 

That's a wrap for today!  Have a wonderful weekend!  

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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